Moral Ethics at sea

Yesterday the R.M.S.Image Titanic was on the hot spot in a marine magazine I don’t dear to mention which, but I am shore you know it. A replica of the original Titanic is being built, personally I just laught about the arguments around the entire article of several reasons, 1 it is not a replica, their is no way the athoretyies should allow Titanic no 2 on the original route and with 1912 low survival system standard. 2 The onboard standards in 2nd and 3rd class is way below todays minimum standards. 3 The structure in the construction itself would never pass necessary stress tests considering the fact that half of Titanic was built in 2nd class steel, a sludge steel, meaning not clean from by products,Image RMS Titanic was built under a tight schedule, beside those technical aspects I have hard to believe that someone of todays “everyday” world, would find it strange if a family of 4, most likely economcley stabile should transport themselves across the Nort Atlantic Ocean on a passenger crew liner. The only hmm when it comes to moral ethic, would be how would the family react when they find out that Titanic no 2 is not a replica but a modernized look alike? Titanic was the largest tragedy at sea of modern time, and to be perfectly honest with you, I rather pay lots for a cruise in the caribean with a pinacolada in my hand then a freezing tour on the northern atlantic ocean in mid April. Image


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